Patriot Power Greens claims to be a secretly delectable green drink that ranks amongst the elite in its category. It’s created for elite military personnel for restoring energy and vitality in soldiers and has the power of 10 probiotics, 35 fruits and vegetables, and 7 digestive enzymes. As one of the top super-food drinks on the market, patriot power greens benefits boasts an impressive nutrition panel. The original green juice powder formulation was initially reportedly created in top-secret for US military members as a means to boost youthful verve and sustained endurance and stamina in older veterans of the U.S. Army and Coast Guard Reserves. This origin of military connection is the reason why the product is known as “Patriot” Power Greens honoring its organic roots and beginnings. Check out this all-inclusive review to get a comprehensive understanding of what makes Patriot Power Greens a top superfood on the market.

35 Different Fruits And Vegetables Make Up Patriot Power Greens

patriot power greens benefitsPatriot Power Greens is the flagship nutritional superfood green drink powder supplement made by Patriot Health Alliance. It’s doctor-formulated by Dr. Lane Sebring, M.D., a board-certified Texan medical doctor in private practice in Wimberley. 35 different fruits and vegetables make up the formula along with digestive enzymes and probiotics for optimal gastrointestinal function. Digestive enzymes allow the body to utilize and appropriately process the nutrition you ingest. Often, probiotics are underestimated with regards to the benefits they produce.

A big emphasis of this formulation is the anti-inflammation’ properties from the alkalizing vegetables and fruits. The proprietary formula is naturally sweetened with apple, goji and acai juice for a pleasant berry-flavor. Patriot Power Greens is free from genetically modified ingredients and has 25-calories per serving with no added gluten, soy, dairy, sugar, artificial sweeteners, nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish or wheat. It also promises to contain no allergens. Each serving consists of 1 scoop of Patriot Power Greens powder stirred into water, juice or a smoothie. Containing seven digestive enzymes and 10 probiotic strains in each serving, this good-tasting, nutritious beverage is designed to smother the chronic inflammation that causes many pressing health problems.

What Can This SuperFood Drink Do For Me?

If you’re suffering from pain, feeling sluggish, or feeling tired of it all, then this product is for you. Patriot Power Greens promises to reverse that dead beat, painful existence and send the user back to a time where they were able to wake up and deal with life pain-free and full of energy. All ingredients are organic, and so there is little or no risk to users.

A new and improved doctor-approved and GMO-Free supplement leverages the power of pure hand-picked natural foods and essential nutrients in order to create a “green drink” formulation loaded with the ingredients you need, ensuring that you never lose your independence and livelihood. In short, you’ll have more day-to-day energy than you’re used to by supplementing with this green drink formulation and military-inspired ingredients.

Benefits Of Patriot Power Greens

· Provides the nutritional equivalent of numerous servings of fruits and vegetables
· Helps restore a healthy pH-balance with alkalizing superfoods
· Helps to reduce inflammation
· Dramatically increases energy levels
· Improves digestion
· Reduces stress
· Internal organ cleanser
· Antioxidants promote improved immune function

Pros & Cons Or Side effects

Most people are concerned about how a green super-food drink will taste. That is a valid concern and you will be surprised that Patriot Power Greens tastes amazingly good. It has a luscious, fruity, punchy taste and can be enjoyed by even the most-sensitive palates.

· An amazing selection of 35 quality organic superfoods, including land and sea vegetables, fruits & berries
· Contains Digestive Enzymes
· Contains Probiotics Formula
· Includes Chicory Root Inulin – which is a profound blood and liver cleanser and a source of fiber and antioxidants
· Loaded with Antioxidants
· Fruit-punch like taste: Could very well be the best-tasting green drink powder
· Very affordable

· Not as potent as it could be: Has a little low total potency-per-serving at 5.25 grams · No grasses (why it tastes so darn good)
· If you purchase just a 1-month supply, the cost-per-serving is a little on the high side (However, the 5 month supply option brings the cost-per-serving under $1.00)

Patriot Power Greens is a well made, all-inclusive blend of quality organic superfood fruits and berries, sea vegetables, and land vegetables. Besides, it includes a heavy-handed dosage of the highly-beneficial Chicory Root inulin which makes it rather unique. The product is also a delicious superfood powder-drink and this word is hardly ever used when describing such types of products.

Though not nearly the most-potent green drink powder in the market, all of its ingredients are 100-per cent certified organic. And it costs considerably less compared to some of the top-reviewed green-drinks available on the market. The value is there, particularly if you opt for the 5 month-supply which allows you to obtain 2-months free.

abs after 40 benefits

We want to thank you for stopping by to read our review about Abs After 40. We understand that you have some serious questions about this program which you need honest answers before you can make a knowledgeable judgment about it. Read on to figure out if Abs After 40 is what you need.

So What's The Abs After 40 Program Anyway?

Abs After 40 is the latest fitness program for men above 40 years who want to get six pack, lean muscles and maintain good health. The program is advertised as workout plan for oldies who want to achieve awesome abs and live longer.

Reasons why working out is so difficult for men over 40 Working out is so difficult for men over 40 because they start to experience a decrease in strength, recovery time and muscle size. Ask people above 40 years how they feel after a workout session. They are likely to tell you how their bodies are experiencing aches and pains or some stiffness and soreness. The older they get, the weaker their bodies become. Among the reasons why working out is so difficult for men over 40 include eating high fat and processed foods, more obligations, more stress and lack of overall energy.

So does Abs After 40 solves this problem? Read on to find out what this program includes.

The Abs After 40 Program Is Divided Into 3 Phases

The program presents a carefully formulated workout plan for men above 40 years. This plan promises not only fat loss but also sporting abs. Because at 40 is when bones become more fragile thus making working out difficult, the program provides nutrition information to counter hormone imbalance at this age. So this program is split into three phases as shown below:

• •Fat Loss Jumpstart: This is the first phase that prepares your body to start burning fat; reason being that at 40, the production of fat burning hormones starts to decline.

• •Male Hormone Optimization: This is the second phase that teaches on how to promote testosterone production. When this is achieved, the ability of the body to burn fat increases.

• •Full-Auto Fat Burning Mode: This is the third phase of this program. You are taught how to achieve your goal of getting sporting abs and leaner muscles through various workout methods.

The Founder Of Abs After 40 Workout Program

The gentleman behind the program is a 53-year-old gentleman called Mark Mcilyar. Mark doubles up as a healthy grandpa and serious advocate of sporting abs and healthy body for men above 40 years. About four years ago, this guy looked worn out with a flabby potbelly. Currently, he looks super healthy with awesome abs. You can check his brand new video. He explains how Abs After 40 benefits work, and how you can turn out your diet to achieve the results you want.

Pros And Cons Of The Program

• Program has received positive reviews from users who says that the program has helped them to achieve awesome abs and good health
• Advocates for natural and safe ways of increasing the production of testosterone
• The workouts advocated here look after your joints
• Nutrition advice is included in this program
• Just like other fitness programs, Abs After 40 is not free. You need to pay some few dollars to get instant access to the program

The claim made by Mark Mcilyar makes sense. This guy has created a program that teaches on how to jumpstart fat loss, promotes natural ways to increase testosterone production and gives advice on nutrition. All this information can help you get six pack, have lean muscles and maintain good health.