Post Marathon Week 2

I went into this past week with a little bit more humility and patience than week 1.  I didn’t want to force myself to go out running when everything in my body and mind was telling me to rest.  I took it easy.  I started the week with a slow 2 mile run on Wednesday.  Overall I felt good and it felt great to get my heart pumping and my legs moving again.  My legs felt better than they had in a long time but I still felt tired.

Running in Cork

Then, on Thursday, this happened.

As I started my run my ankle gave way and I found myself taking a head first dive across the pavement.  I envision I looked like a batter diving into home plate.  Luckily I didn’t break  or sprain anything but I got so shook up I just couldn’t find the grit to continue with my run.  I went home and iced my knee.  I know it doesn’t look bad in the picture, but trust me it hurt!  It still hurts.  It made my whole body hurt.  I think I did a major push-up to catch myself so my back and arms are still sore. It was a good wake up call that I need to start incorporating some arm workouts into my overall training.  As far as the knee injury is concerned, it’s in the worst place imaginable for running.  Every time I bend my knee the skin stretches and the wound is broken over and over again.  Ewww.

So here I am icing my knee instead of running.  My poor lonely shoes sitting in the background.  On Friday, still a little sore from my face plant into the pavement, I decided to go out on a bike ride instead.  Jason and I did a short 12-mile loop in our neighborhood.

Thank goodness we had a long run scheduled with friends on Sunday because by this point in the week I was jonesing to get a run in.  It was great to meet up with friends in a new location.  I’m starting to get addicted to running with friends at the beach!   Anyone out there want to run 20+ miles this weekend??  Ha!

As we were pounding the pavement from Hermosa to Manhattan  it became apparent that they take Halloween decorations seriously!  It wasn’t just pumpkins and ghosts.  It was spider webs strung two stories high, 6 feet spiders clinging to fences and windows, and of course life size skeletons and dead bodies.  I loved it.  If you don’t know me, let me just tell you that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I LOVE holiday decorations.  Yes, I know the beach was right there, but the views of the houses and the halloween decorations was what I enjoyed most.   These houses were eye candy!  I wanted to stop at every house and take pictures of all the decorations.   Unfortunately, I also wanted to stay with my group so I only managed to get one picture in.  This was one of my favorite decorations on the run.  I can only imagine what it looked like at night!

OK, back to the run.  I wanted  this  long  run so bad I could taste it.    So, what did I do? I think I overdid it a bit.  At least according to my body I did.  Kristin, of course you did! (why can’t I figure this out?!)  After the run I was hurting in places I never hurt before: my IT Band, my knees, my Achilles, the arch in my foot.  I was really worried.  Was it the lack of mileage during the week?  Or am I still in recovery mode and am I running myself into injury?

Waking up this morning I was SO relieved.  I felt great.  I wasn’t sore at all.  What happened?  It was amazing.  I’m not sure if it was the hot tub, the stick, the joint vitapack, the week off or a combination of all of the above, but I felt really good.  I began questioning if I would feel this good even after another run.  Sure enough, I got 3 miles done tonight at a 8:54 pace.  Are my legs back???

I truly missed running.  It’s times like this when I realize how much running does for me…ridding me of stress and extra calories plus giving me time to tune into myself – body, mind and soul.   I know I’ve been on this “I miss running” rant for almost 2 weeks and enough is enough.  Should I say it?  I think my legs are BACK!!